Renaissance Senior Living in Vero Beach enjoyed a festive one year anniversary last fall with members of our great community of Vero Beach and wonderful residents and their families at Renaissance. “Time marches on” as the saying goes and that is what we witness daily at Renaissance. The rhythms of community, as we have grown from a steady arrival of residents each bringing in their own contributions of style and energy, has grown into a true sense of place. Each resident adding their own sense of color, flavor, and texture of life to the community.

That is what community is all about. The differences each one brings provides a deeper character. With that comes experiences and points of view that provide the whole with a sense of openness and capacity to express their differences. Combine this with the values, the strengths of our staff ’s services, and the building itself affirming a commitment to walk alongside our residents giving them the resources to draw on as they build this community.

We at Renaissance Senior Living in Vero Beach have chosen this path, this alongside, with our residents. We do not get in the way instead we provide the means to further each one’s journey. They bring the life, the spark of fire that stokes the experiences, stories, and memories to live as a legacy for their families and loved ones. This ability to draw on a sense of self, that may have been drained by a physical event or ailment, comes from a rest from the numerous things that needed doing. We have taken on those burdens giving our residents time and a new pace to view life from.

Our Team of Nurses, Med-techs, and CNA’s connect with our resident’s daily situations. Processes that required great thought, planning, and physically preparing for, all taking priceless time and energy are now managed and accounted for. Our team frees up that space for our residents. Space on the counter, in the pillboxes, on the shelves, the strength of hands and arms, the strained eyes; all of this is now provided for giving each a rest for their minds and bodies. Residents are free to better understand what it is they are dealing with each day. Free to value the time and resources they can now put into relationships and community. Free to be themselves.

Heartbeat of the Treasure Coast