Dr. Robert Reinauer of New Vision Eye Center recently hosted Dr. Jairo Torres, a Retina Fellow from Montemorelos Nuevo León, Mexico. Dr. Reinauer met Dr. Torres while doing mission work in Mexico through the Christian Ophthalmic Surgery Expedition Network (ChOSEN).

ChOSEN’s mission is to provide high-quality eye surgery in developing areas, and Dr. Reinauer has been involved for many years. He has had the opportunity not only to correct vision on his missions but to teach new techniques and
give technical advice to the doctors in the area, like Dr. Torres, so that the highest-quality patient care can be more easily accessible in areas that it would otherwise not be.

During his last trip to Montemorelos Nuevo León, Dr. Reinauer invited Dr. Torres to New Vision Eye Center to spend a week with him in the clinic and observe patient care in the United States. “By allowing doctors from less advantaged parts of the world observe how our world-class techniques are used, we hope to change the frontier of ophthalmic care, not only in the United States but across the globe, one doctor at a time,” Dr. Reinauer said of his expe- rience with Dr. Torres and the ChOSEN mission.

After his time with Dr. Torres, Dr. Reinauer traveled back to Mexico with the ChOSEN mission where he performed hundreds of cataract surgeries alongside other ophthalmologists who are, like him, dedicated to improving vision worldwide.

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