What is It? The Vial of Life is a tool to help emergency responders obtain critical and current health information when they arrive at your home or at a motor vehicle accident. Hence, the acronym is LIFE, which represents: Lifesaving Information For Emergencies Program of Indian river County. The kit contains a prescription bottle that contains a medical and medication history form and 2 Vial of Life stickers. You are to complete the form and place a sticker on the vial and the second sticker on your refrigerator or freezer so EMS knows where to find your information.


Why is it Helpful? The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The Vial of Life helps ensure that emergency responders have the correct information at the right time so medical professionals can provide proper treatment. When EMS responds you want them to have your most current information. They use this information for emergency transport treatment and to assist emergency room physicians to respond quicker.


What you need to Know:

The Vial of Life is a credible tool that promotes optimal emergent care. It must be completed and updated frequently. You must document your health history and maintain a current list of medications.

In speaking with Captain Greer, he stresses the importance of keeping your information up to date, especially medications which can change frequently. He explained to me the importance of initially lling out the information in the vials. It’s great to have the vials of life but you must complete the form- otherwise its likes having a prescription for a lifesaving medication that you never had lled.

Where to obtain it:

For more information or to obtain a Vial of Life Kit contact Indian River County Fire Rescue at the operations center located at 4225 43rd Avenue in Vero Beach. Their telephone number is (772) 226-3865. They are working on an editable medical history form on-line on their website.

Thank you to our first responders, family and friends who take the time to plan, prepare, and treat for optimal emergent and recovery response times.

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