Adult day care is about connecting and creating extended families. When you have a loved one in need of quality care that maintains and promotes independence, safety, and optimal functioning through socialization and engagement; look no further. The Senior Resource Association in Indian River County does just that. The Adult Day Care Center is affordable for many because of the generosity of grants and private funds.

Gary has been enjoying and contributing to the Center on Mondays and Wednesdays for several years. He is legally blind and lives alone independently and stays busy with self-care activities that keep him living a quality lifestyle. “The center offers fantastic socialization and the ability to communicate with others.” He told me he still has a wonderful life and his time spent at the Center is uplifting and the meals are 4 stars! Gary’s advice if you are considering the SRA Center is to “come and check it out. You will enjoy the comradery in a very accepting environment.” Gary is also a pianist and shares his talent with others and likes helping singer, Hobo Jim set-up.

Ines is another regular participant at the SRA Adult Day Care; she attends the center Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. She tells me, “My doctor recommended the center to my daughter and me. When I first came to the center I was in a wheelchair and didn’t want to talk to anyone. It is now a year later; I am walking with a cane and dancing. I love the book club with Penny and look forward to guitarist Ed. There are many wonderful educational and enjoyable activities and events to participate in. I have wonderful friends here. My daughter and son-in-law no longer have to worry about my safety and isolation if I was home alone when they are working. My job is to be here, to help my kids.”

The center provides staff with nurturing qualities and dedication. Ella Ford, CNA, has been at the center for 30 years. “This could be my mom- it could be your mom, dad, grandparent, or loved one. They have stories and history; I love listening to them”, Ella explains. Annie Marie Stokes, LPN, Adult Day Care Administrator, has been with the SRA going on 20 years. She gets a bit teary-eyed and shares “I love what I do here, I get to go home knowing I made a difference in their lives and they have enriched my life. I cannot imagine working anywhere else.” “We are not just a health care facility here; we are a family with compassion.”

When we validate a loved one’s contributions to the family, we validate their life and inspire them so he or she can have quality of life. The Senior Resource Association does just this. They celebrate good days and embrace challenging days without judgement. For more information or to schedule a tour of the center contact Emily Wilcox, Business Development Director at or Annie Mae Stokes at

The Senior Resource Association provides home and community-based services for seniors and adults age 18 and older that need care in a safe and welcoming environment. They are the only state- licensed adult day care facility in Indian River County; with locations in Vero Beach and Sebastian. Their centers are open to adults age 18 and older.

VERO BEACH: 686 14th Street
SEBASTIAN: 815 Davis Street
HOURS: Monday – Friday; 7:30am to 5:30pm

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