About Heartbeat Of The Treasure Coast

As each birthday comes and goes we begin to acknowledge the fact that our body, mind and spirit are changing. Sometimes we try to fool ourselves and feel we are getting better with age. But..., in reality, if we do not stay in shape, watch what we put into our body and take charge of building a relationship with good health care providers, then each year on our birthday we are simply getting OLDER, not BETTER or WISER.

Heartbeat is designed to give our local health care providers and fitness experts a venue to talk to you about what they do. Why they do it, how you can improve your health, stay healthy, talk about successful new technology and about themselves on a LOCAL level. We are fortunate to have a wealth of the finest health care professionals, facilities and fitness experts right here in our beautiful community.


Bill & Betsy Bryant
I have thought about Heartbeat over the past three years and with the encouragement of family, friends and focus groups of health care professionals, here is the first issue. My motivation in publishing Heartbeat of The Treasure Coast comes from knowing I have not been paying attention to my temple (and wanting to change that now at 50) and from my personal commitment to help my dear mother and father mature with dignity. My father, brother, sister, brother-in-law and myself spent many hours researching dementia, Alzheimer's, stroke, assisted living facilities, physicians, medications, food supplements, vitamins, skilled nursing facilities, surgeons, neurologists and the list goes on, in efforts to help my mother ward-off the ugly beginning stages of Alzheimer's disease. The process of finding the right person, the right place or the right technique is totally up to the individual, or their family, but if there is something that Heartbeat can do to assist you in not having to fight through that maze, then I have done what I intended.

Listen to my local radio show "Cindy's Health Beat & Where to Eat" every Saturday from 2pm to 3pm on WTTB 1490AM. 


Please enjoy the informative pages, the sponsor name scramble and the telephone directory in the back of the guide. Should you have personal stories that you would like to submit for consideration, please send me a copy via mail or e-mail